Is it for you?

If you want to sell your software, service or subscription and have no web site yet, but you intend to build its frontend with Asp.Net MVC, then yes ShopMvc is definitely for you! It will handle your customers, sales, products, downloads, licenses, renewals, serial numbers and more in an intuitive backend which you will just plug on your site.

What can it do for you?

ShopMvc solves a lot of pains a small vendor usually experiences when it's time to put his creation online:

  • It provides you with a complete backend solution to handle your daily microISV tasks. This keeps you free of searching how to build the admin part of your web site or how to integrate a myriad of tools/extensions and how to connect them to your mvc web site.
  • Because ShopMvc is not a CMS, you won't wonder how to integrate your custom application code. The visible part of your web site is yours and ShopMvc gives you a complete freedom to code it just the way you want.
  • Built for .Net developers it provides an API and models which will give you the reassuring feeling to be in control of your data.
  • Not a lot of money to begin with? ShopMvc has a price plan structure which adapts itself perfectly to the starting microISV or the already famous and successful one. If you are not sure about your idea, you can easily begin without breaking open your piggy-bank.

ShopMvc is behind this very web site and has been written by a fellow microISV owner in need of such a solution. As my own first customer, I know exactly the frustrations felt by an aspiring and successful vendor.

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Win a free license

I'm looking for some early adopters who will be able to shape the future of ShopMvc by providing feedback and requesting features related to their own business workflow. The winners will get a free license and a lifetime subscription for one domain, no kidding.

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When is it available?

Even though ShopMvc already powers two websites, it is still in development. After I have worked with favored customers using alpha versions, a beta phase will begin to let you integrate ShopMvc in your web site. So stay tuned and follow the tweets. You can also signup to make sure you won't miss ShopMvc official launch (and who knows, maybe get a discount).

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Latest news

ShopMvc, like many web applications, stores dates and times in UTC inside the database but shows them in the time zone of the user. This is of course what I do and for that I wrote some extension methods to the DateTime class to ease my life. But this morning, while refactoring my code, I needed a ...


ShopMvc is built on top of great frameworks:

NHibernate 3.0, its Linq provider and Fluent NHibernate have been chosen to access the database, while the Spark view engine renders the admin panel views or communications to customers with an incredible flexibility. StructureMap is used to gather all modules, services, providers, ...

Have a question?

You may not want to register as an early adopter but you are still very welcome to ask some questions or request some features. Feel free to contact me on any subject, either being ShopMvc or microISV related stuff.

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